* Fuel injector flow testing
* Ultrasonic cleaning & parts

Guaranteed to be Restored to Peak Performance

Port Injector Full Service

Optimax Air Injector Full Service

Optimax Fuel Rail Cleaning & Inspection

We perform a full service and test on your port injectors. This includes a leak test, flow test, and spray pattern test, and full cleaning. The injectors will get all new o-rings, as well as filters. Price $30 per injector.

Full test and service on Mercury Optimax air injectors. These are the blue or black injectors that are found between the cylinder heads and fuel rail. We highly recommend sending in your fuel injectors at the same time. Price $ 35 per injector.

We will dissasemble your fuel rail including the air pressure regulator, fuel pressure regulator, tracker valve, fuel & air injectors. We inspect all diaphragms and springs. Once this is done we ultrasonically clean all parts while flowing cleaning fluid through the air and fuel rails. Price $100 per rail. (3 Cylinder = 1 Rail, V6 = 2 Rails)

What are services include...

These services all include a full flow test, spray pattern test, and leak test, with before and after results. We also will replace all o-rings and filters.